By bringing VSS specialists and experienced clinicians to work alongside you, you’re adding value:

To your practice, because…

  • Patients don’t get used to another practice for specialist level care
  • Your treatment acceptance rate increases
  • A fixed, transparent pricing model means no surprise hidden costs
  • You stay in control of the whole process, booking VSS clinicians online
  • Advice, guidance and support is always available; clinicians provide their mobile phone numbers
  • Clear checklists are provided to help case preparation and management
  • Mentoring is available in all aspects of implant dentistry
  • Your entire team can receive training and internal marketing support
  • Your practice income and profit can increase without further investment in equipment or training

To your patients, through…

  • The reassurance of a familiar environment
  • Time saved as a result of not having to travel to a new location
  • A more efficient, transparent and clear treatment plan delivery
  • Their involvement in the development of their dental practice
  • Greater willingness to invest in their smile; costs can be kept to a minimum


To hear from Practice Principals about the difference working with VSS has made, please read the testimonials below:

My dental practice has developed on many levels since working with Fadi. I personally enjoy learning from in-house specialist work and treatment and working as a team in treatment planning. Fadi is a good team member and integrates well with everyone, especially the practice prosthodontist and periodontist.

Surgery is much more planned and placed onto lists so reducing operator and management stress. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to have more information on Fadi’s outstanding services.

Dr Marc Mortiboys, Mortiboys Dental Health Centre

We have been using the services of Dr Barrak for well over five years now and find enormous benefits of having specialists come in to the practice. Not only does it inspire confidence in our patients to have experienced second opinions and expertise treatment, but it also keeps all services under one roof which is beneficial for the practice and the patients alike.

Dr Michael Cheong, Twickenham Dental Care

We at BPDC have worked with VSS for 4 years. Their clinical standards are very high and they are personable and very popular with both the patients and the staff.

There is very little administration burden to the practice as all ordering, stock keeping and invoicing is carried out by the VSS team.

The specialists have been excellent team members and they have always ensured that the practice’s interests are met both clinically and financially. The performance is measured daily and a quarterly report is produced to assess and demonstrate this performance. This ensures that the practice benefits financially.

The specialists also participate in clinical team meetings, and their input is very helpful for the other dentists working on complicated cases.

Dr Parminder Gupta, Bishops Park Dental Centre

I run a medium sized specialist practice in Battersea with around 2000 referrals per annum. Part of my business strategy has been based on providing maximum convenience for patients, whether NHS or Private. Our professional association with Fadi spans several years and I am happy to say that it has proved invaluable.

Specialist surgical services within hospitals inevitably present long delays, perhaps up to a year, for difficult extractions of impacted units or supernumeraries, exposure and bonding of impacted canines and premolars, placement of orthodontic implants for maximum anchorage cases and, on rare occasions, early enucleation procedures.

Now our patients have a real choice of whether to pay for multidisciplinary specialist care all under the same roof or be referred to local hospitals for free NHS care with the referral process taking a minimum of 6–8 weeks and waiting lists of up to a year for most procedures.

I am always at hand, in case modifications are required to the surgical procedure to maximise later orthodontic efficiency; this in itself is hugely valuable as a learning tool for both operators which, in conjunction with our combined attendance of further specialist courses, has meant a continuing improvement of our treatment protocols.

Last but not least, Fadi as well as being an excellent Surgeon is also a fantastic person with good manners, great communication skills with the patients, putting them at ease and has proved a good selling point for our practice.

Since working with Fadi over the last four years I have been thoroughly impressed with his abilities and how he manages to help patients feel good after having surgery. His chair side manner is second to none.

Dr Samir Moghanchi, The Orthodontic Practice in Battersea