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Who are VSS and how can they help my practice?

VSS offers a unique service that benefits all concerned: our dedicated clinicians work within your practice to provide:

  • Dental implant treatment
  • Mentoring programme in implant dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Periodontology
  • IV sedation

The advantages are:

  • Your patient feels much more comfortable within their normal, local environment
  • Your practice increases its turnover, its profit and has less risk of patients getting used to other surroundings
  • In time, you can take on the extra responsibility of planning and restoring the implants
  • The VSS Academy can provide the verifiable CPD and mentoring necessary to develop your own skills to bring this treatment in-house, should you so wish
  • You can join our network of colleagues and benefit from the sharing of best practice and business experience

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Patient testimonials

Our Team

Dr Fadi Barrak
Dr Adeel Ali
Dr Enamul A. Ali
Dr Manoj Bhatia
Edyta Brzykowska
Carl Horton
Stephen Mason
Ms Maria Retzepi
Dr Nicola Ritchie
Dr Cristina Romao
Dr David Whittaker
José Zurdo